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Enhanced Equine Performance Services


Enhanced Equine Performance services South East Queensland including the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Scenic Rim. The Northern Rivers and Northern New South Wales areas are also serviced.


Enhanced Equine Performance provides holistic care for your horses.

Services include Bit and Bridle Fitting, Saddle Fitting and equine bodywork using EMMETT Therapy and Equine Kinesiology Taping.

Group bookings are welcome.

Contact Melissa to enquire further or make your next appointment.

Bit and Bridle

A correctly fitted bit can improve the communication between you and your horse and considers many different factors.

Bits and bridle fitting


Independent, qualified advice to ensure your saddle is safe and correctly fitted for your horse's comfort and performance.

Saddle fitting


Maximize training and performance of your horse using EMMETT Therapy and Equine Kinesiology Taping.

Equine body work
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