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Saddle Fitting is not just something you do when purchasing a new saddle or when you have purchased a new horse.

Many horses will change shape throughout the year, whether that be due to seasonal body condition changes, effective training or even due to periods of rest.

A poor-fitting saddle can affect your horse's muscle development, range of motion and even how your horse works in the contact.

Melissa is an independent saddle fitter, not associated with any brands. She will provide you with honest feedback on your saddle and its compatibility with your horse.

What is covered in a Saddle Fitting?

Static assessment of your saddle -

Basic saddle health check to ensure it is functional and free from damage that may cause a potential issue.

Static assessment of your horse -

Looking at posture, assessment of anatomy and taking measurements and traces of your horse's back.

Static assessment of your saddle on your horse's back -

Does the saddle tree shape match your horse's back shape? Is there good contact made by the panels to your horse's back? Does the saddle fit within your horse's saddle support area? Is the saddle too wide or too narrow? What is your horse's behaviour like around the saddling-up process?

Rider up -

Assessment both statically and in motion, to identify any changes to fit with the rider in the saddle. Check how the saddle is influenced by the horse and rider in motion. Check whether the saddle is helping or hindering your riding position.

Preparing for your Saddle Fitting

Equine dental done within the last 12 months, but preferably not in the past week.

Feet recently trimmed or shod - but not the same day.  Not missing a shoe if shod.

Good health - no lameness present.

No veterinary procedures that required sedation the day prior.

Not in conjunction with any other tack changes.

Horse is in regular work.

Pricing and Booking Information

Comprehensive Saddle Fitting

$120.00 plus travel * (for 1-2 saddles, 1 horse)

Assessment to determine basic fit requirements is also available (non-ridden).

*travel fee is dependent on location.

Saddles for Sale

A range of good quality second hand dressage and jump saddles are available for sale when you have a saddle fitting assessment.


Brands such as Albion, Black Country, Custom, Equipe and Sankey are often available.


Prices will vary depending on the saddle, but on average they are between $3000-$6000. The full history of the saddles is known and many look near new.

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