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Equine body work


We often ask a lot of our horses, and when we are competing we require them to be in peak condition.

Having your horse regularly checked for stiffness and muscle tension helps your horse to be more flexible and more relaxed.

Using a combination of EMMETT Therapy, supported by equine kinesiology taping, can positively influence your horse's emotional and physical wellbeing.

Equine EMMETT Therapy Session

What is EMMETT Therapy? -

EMMETT Therapy is a non-invasive modality developed by fellow Australian Ross Emmett. 


How does EMMETT Therapy work? -

EMMETT Therapy is a neuro-muscular technique that involves the application of light pressure on specific points to reset muscles and relieve tension. This positively influences your horse's emotional wellbeing, it is gentle and most horses love it! 

EMMETT Therapy session cost -

$80.00 plus travel * depending on location. 

Equine Kinesiology Taping

What is equine kinesiology taping? -

Kinesiology taping for horses is just the same as taping for human athletes.  Taping can be applied to help support the body's natural healing processes, relieving pain, reducing swelling or to increase your horse's proprioception (body awareness).


How does equine kinesiology taping work? -

The equine kinesiology taping works by interacting with your horse's skin and fascia to achieve therapeutic physiological benefits.

Different application techniques create 3 main effects:

  • Fluid effect: by causing decompression the tape promotes the flow of toxins out and good fluids in.

  • Mechanical effect: pressure in the vertical layer of the tissue is reduced allowing the natural 'slide and glide' mechanics between the tissues.

  • Neurological effect: decompression of the space between the skin/fascia/muscles and nerve endings creates less pressure, providing pain reduction.  The lifting effect of the tape on your horse's coat also stimulates receptors within the skin (mechanoreceptors) which play a role in movement awareness.

Can equine kinesiology tape be used with other therapies?

Generally, equine kinesiology tape is applied as an add-on to an EMMETT Therapy session.  It can also be used as a stand-alone treatment and is the perfect partner to any manual therapy. It is also beneficial after a dental visit.

Equine kinesiology cost -

Pricing starts from $30.00 

General and Booking Information

Treatment times vary according to your horse's needs, but usually take 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Assessment of your horse, both static and dynamic are made.  The treatment is tailored to your horse's specific individual requirements.

Recommendation of stretches and specific in-hand exercises are provided if appropriate.

Emmett therapy and kinesiology taping should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care.

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