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Bit and Bridle

Mouth contact and how your horse interacts with the bit is influenced by more than just the bit. A 'whole of horse' approach to bit fitting is vital... Everything is connected!

A comprehensive bit fitting is the best option for contact or control issues. It will take approximately 1.5 - 2 hours and includes a static and a ridden component.

A stable fitting is also an option if you are only interested in checking the fit of your current bit and bridle. This assessment has no ridden component, so no comment can be made on whether your bit is suitable when riding, only suggestions for improvement of fit can be made. Session duration is 45 mins.

What does a comprehensive Bit Fitting session involve ?

Assessment of your horse's anatomy -

The session starts with a detailed assessment of your horse's anatomy, inspecting your horse from head to tail. Detailed notes are taken of asymmetries, muscle tension, lateral flexion and range of motion of the pelvis, back, neck and head.

Mouth examination -

Your horse's mouth is examined to identify important anatomical features which need to be considered when selecting bits. The mouth is checked for wounds or damage. Measurements are taken. 

Assessment of your current bit and bridle -

The fit of your current bit and bridle are checked. The style of headpiece, size of the browband, cheekpiece length, noseband placement and tightness, mouth shape and bit size, are all taken into consideration.

Ridden Assessment -

We head to the arena to see how you and your horse interact with your current bit.  This information is teamed with the static assessment findings to provide guidelines for bit selection.

A range of suitable bits are then trialed and available for purchase.

Preparing for your Bit and Bridle Fitting

Equine dental done within the last 12 months, but preferably not in the past week.

Feet recently trimmed or shod - but not the same day.  Not missing a shoe if shod.

Good health - no lameness present.

No veterinary procedures that required sedation the day prior.

Not in conjunction with any other tack changes.

Horse is in regular work and preferably not in the days just before competition.

Pricing and Booking Information

Comprehensive Snaffle Bit Fitting -

$150.00 plus travel * 


Comprehensive Double Bridle Bit Fitting -

$200.00 plus travel * 

Bit and Bridle Fitting Check (non-ridden) also available.

*travel fee is dependent on location.

Wide range of bit brands available

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