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About Melissa from Enhanced Equine Performance


My goal is to improve the horse/rider relationship. I am at all times an advocate for the horse, whilst striving to help riders attain the highest levels of performance possible.

A horse lover from an early age, Melissa has successfully competed in dressage, show jumping and eventing, as well as managing successful equine industry related businesses.

Equine Body Work


In 2016 Melissa commenced equine bodywork studies with EMMETT HQ. Over the next 2 years she completed all 5 levels of equine practitioner accreditation as well as the additional Equine Practitioner Lvl 1 (EHP1). From all of the bodywork modalities available, she chose the EMMETT Technique as it produced amazing results from a non-invasive light touch that horses really respond to.

Bit and Bridle Fitting

From equine bodywork beginnings, Melissa developed a ‘whole horse’ approach to performance horse management. She began studying Lorinery Science (a fancy term for bit fitting) with Neue Schule Academy in the UK. She has since become one of only 2 people in Australia to become a qualified graduate of the International College for Professional Bitfit Consultants (ICPBC) in The Netherlands. Melissa has also completed training with Bombers Bits & Fager.

Saddle Fitting


Melissa has been incredibly lucky to be mentored on her Society of Master Saddlers journey by the very knowledgeable & experienced Kathryn Sullivan-Butt from The Saddlefitter.


Melissa has a range of good quality second hand dressage & jump saddles for sale (available for purchase through a saddle fitting session only). Brands such as Albion, Black Country, Custom, Equipe & Sankey. Prices will vary depending on the saddle, but on average they are between $3000-$6000. The full history of the saddles is known & many look near new.


Continuing her professional development is important to Melissa. She has completed courses/workshops/professional development seminars on:

• Equine Kinesiology Taping – Rocktape & Equi-Tape

• Equine Myofascial Kinetic Lines – Horses Inside Out

• Recognizing Pain Behaviour in Horses – Equitopia

• Equine Biomechanics – Head & Neck Positioning – Equitopia

• Equine Ergonomist – Saddlefit4Life

• Fit for Welfare – The Society of Master Saddlers UK

• Introductory Course in Saddle Fitting – The Society of Master Saddlers UK.


So if you are looking for a bit fitting (both snaffle & double available), a muscle release session for your equine partner or perhaps it’s a saddle fit assessment that’s needed, contact Melissa today.

Certificate from EquitopiaCentre
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Rock Tape Certificate of Completion
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