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Enhanced Equine Performance horse care
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Enhanced Equine Performance believes in a 'whole horse' approach to performance horse management.


Bit and Bridle Fitting, EMMETT Therapy  and Kinesiology Taping.


Servicing Gold Coast, Brisbane, Scenic Rim and Northern Rivers areas. 

Qualified & insured.

I am at all times an advocate for the horse, striving to attain the highest levels of performance possible.

Equine Bodywork

Maximize training and performance of your horse using EMMETT Therapy and Equine Kinesiology Taping.

Equine body work

Bit and Bridle Fitting

A correctly fitted bit can improve the communication between you and your horse and considers many different factors.

Bits and bridle fitting

Client Reviews

“I would highly recommend Melissa she went above and beyond for us and our horses to find the perfect bits. Her advice and expertise was amazing and our horses are going better than ever.”

Sara Seagrave

February 2022

Stretches for Horses

Stretching exercises help to keep your horse's muscles flexible, strong, elastic and healthy.  Horses need flexibility to maintain the range of motion in their joints for optimum performance. When muscles are not flexible they shorten and become tight, eventually leading to training and soundness issues. 

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